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about no small parts

demystifying entryways intro producing theatre

through connection and conversation 

Welcome! no small parts is an interview-style educational podcast that aims to shed light on the many entryways into producing theatre, the numerous forms [producing] theatre can take, and the benefits of doing so. It is Brittany's intention that this podcast be a resource for young and emerging artists.

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about Brittany, the host and producer

Brittany M. Brewer (she/her) is a [theatre] artist, writer, educator, and doctoral student in Curriculum, Instruction, and Teacher Education at Michigan State University where her research interests include arts-based research, embodiment, young adult narratives, trauma-informed practices, and queer theory. She is passionate about cultivating more "Young Adult theatre" and crafting tools to prepare others in beginning their theatrical journeys.


Before MSU, Brittany worked as the Associate Director of Education at Philadelphia Young Playwrights where, among other things, she facilitated over 275 classroom workshops and assisted in creating and facilitating professional development workshops for classroom teachers, teaching artists, and classroom actors. Her most recent artist-researcher-teacher endeavors include no small parts podcast and Whole HeART Teaching.

For more, visit the 'about me' tab on this website.

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