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episode 00: Play Reading & Feedback In Action

On today’s episode zero, the format is a little different! NSP Season 1 featured discussions around producing readings and staged readings. NSP Season 2, coming monthly starting May 2022, will feature conversation around arts-based feedback practices. On today’s bridge episode, you will hear a cold reading of my short play, more than just group work, followed by the feedback session we had afterward. 

Season 2 Episode 0.png

episode 01: Rob Roznowski

On todays's episode of no small parts, Rob talks about feedback as a tool in theatre education spaces, how personal aesthetics and subjectivity can impact feedback, and the importance of adjusting feedback structures based on the needs of the space.

Rob Roznowski.png

episode 02: Lara Shipley

On today’s episode of no small parts, Lara talks about the structure of studio critique within the context of photography and fine art, the value of both learning how to provide feedback as well as how to receive feedback, and the importance of being open to what students are bringing to the table.

Shipley, Lara.jpeg

episode 03: Janine Certo

On today’s episode of no small parts, Janine talks about learning as health, the value in reflecting on what you want your identity to be as a person and artist, and the importance of play and possibility while reading and critiquing poems.

Janine Certo headshot.png

episode 04: Ryan Shaw

On today’s episode of no small parts, Ryan talks about working with students to understand and develop their music teacher identities, how different philosophies underlying education have impacted feedback styles, and the value of practicing “bad” and “good” feedback principles in a learning space.

ryan shaw.jpg
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