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episode 00: Brittany Brewer

This is Episode Zero, an introduction to no small parts with host Brittany Brewer.

episode 01: Ang Bey

On today’s episode of no small parts, Ang talks about creating opportunities, the importance of balance and boundaries, and finding their community of artmakers.

Ang Bey.jpg

episode 02: Hunter Robinson

On today’s episode of no small parts, Hunter talks about saying “Yes and”, their experience producing as a part of a student-run theatre company while going to college for theatre, and the importance of asking for help when you need it.
Please note, at the time of recording Hunter used he/him pronouns, which you will hear while listening.

Hunter Robinson.jpeg

episode 03: Erin Washburn

On today’s episode of no small parts, Erin talks about the importance of logistics, her commitment to serving the playwrights’ goals as a producer of new work, and how humanizing the process of producing can be.

Erin Washburn updated

episode 04: Shamus McCarty

On today’s episode of no small parts, Shamus talks about the difference between readings and staged readings, his experience with a two and a half year musical play creation and producing process, and how things always fall apart, and that’s okay.

Shamus McCarty.jpg

episode 05: Mariangela Saavedra

On today’s episode of No Small Parts, Mariangela talks about living and working in four major cities, translating theatre skills beyond the theatre, and the many trials and errors of producing.

Mariangela Saavedra.jpeg

episode 06: Brenden Dahl

On today’s episode of no small parts, Brenden talks about his transition to producing play readings virtually, making the most of relationships with organizations, and the value in reaching out and sending an email.

Brendan Dahl.PNG

episode 07: Bryant Edwards

On today’s episode of no small parts, Bryant talks about his commitment to creating positive spaces and experiences, his experience producing staged readings of movie scripts as a part of Theatre Contra, and how sometimes producers can accidentally also become actors. Cheers!

Bryant Edwards

episode 08: Maura Krause

On Today’s Episode of no small parts, Maura talks about her experiences with several valuable mentors, how her work as a producer has impacted her work as a director, and prioritizing self-care and care for her artists.

Maura Krause

episode 09: Jim DeVivo

On today’s episode of no small parts, Jim talks about his evolving identity as a producer and the many ways his producing self and theatre educator self collide.

Jim DeVivo.jpg

episode 10: Polly Edelstein

On today’s episode of no small parts, Polly talks about considering the “why” of producing, what drew her to the festival model of theatre, and the birth of the Philadelphia Women’s Theatre Festival.

Polly Edelstein

episode 11: Michael O'Brien

On today’s episode of no small parts, Mike talks about the producer as a tonesetter, the importance of strong communication in a producing process, and how producing can be a way to create work for yourself.

Michael Philip OBrien.jpg

episode 12: Cat Ramirez

On today’s episode of no small parts, Cat talks through her trajectory from apprentice to producer-in-residence to theatre professional, discusses how important readings are to the play development process, and shares their producer thought process behind making director-playwright pairings for a reading they recently produced.

Cat Ramirez
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