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Artist Statement

My work begins with the body. To date, my body has lived and grown across eight states in the United States, five of which I lived in before I was twelve. My frequent relocation has imparted upon me a concentrated awareness of how my white, femme queer body adapts space to space, as well as a focused interest in relationships between people and the roles people can play in our lives. As a part of my writing process, I engage in multidisciplinary research in order to collage sensations of nostalgia, pleasure, platonic love, sensuality, melancholy, small towns, finding and making community, and the feminine as divine in order to cultivate embodied joy.

I am a poet and playwright whose strengths lie in my complex, multidisciplinary background. My training as a professional artist spans genres; though my background is concentrated in theatre, I also have studied creative forms from autotheory and poetic inquiry to zinemaking and clarinet performance. My plays have had readings and/or productions with seven companies. As a creative writer and playwright, I am passionate about creating written pieces that challenge and expand upon text as audience-engaging and performative.

Additionally, I am passionate about cultivating more "Young Adult theatre" and crafting tools to prepare others in beginning their theatrical journeys. In pursuit of this passions, I created no small parts podcast, an interview-style educational podcast that aims to shed light on the many entryways into producing theatre, the numerous forms [producing] theatre can take, and the benefits of doing so. It is my intention that this podcast is a resource for young and emerging artists.

Today, Brittany pursues these passions of artmaking and tool forging in support of young artists while working towards her Ph.D. at Michigan State University.

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