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Artist Statement

Brittany identifies as a “Three P” theatre artist and educator. You may be pondering, “What is a “Three P” theatre artist?!”  An overachieving, perfectionist’s way of packing in as much as possible into one label: performer, playwright, and producer! When asked where she is from, Brittany often replies, “Everywhere, and nowhere.” At heart, Brittany is a nomad who has already lived in seven different states. Her frequent relocation has imparted upon her a love of language and a fascination with its fluidity, as well as a focussed interest in relationships between people and the roles people can play in our lives.

Additionally, Brittany is passionate about cultivating more "Young Adult theatre" and crafting tools to prepare others in beginning their theatrical journeys. In pursuit of this passions, Brittany created no small parts podcast, an interview-style educational podcast that aims to shed light on the many entryways into producing theatre, the numerous forms [producing] theatre can take, and the benefits of doing so. It is Brittany's intention that this podcast is a resource for young and emerging artists.

Brittany is excited by theatre that plays with language, flirts with longstanding literature, and is cause for the birth of new words/ ideas. Today, Brittany pursues these passions of theatrical creation and tool forging in support of young artists while working towards her Ph.D. at Michigan State University.

Artist Resumes
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